Sport Performance

Sport performance training is designed to improve athletic performance in a given sport.  While many sports share similar characteristics with respect to the physical demands placed on the body, there are differences that should be considered with respect to the need for speed, agility, strength, power, flexibility, muscle recruitment, metabolic conditioning, sleep, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention.  At Evolution Performance, we believe in a balanced approach of strength and conditioning and sport specific training techniques to ensure there is a proper foundation on which to build.  Specificity is designed based on your individual needs, fitness level and goals, and progress is monitored through periodic testing.  These sessions are available in 75-minute segments, on a private, semi-private or group basis.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow for personalized coaching in a one-on-one setting. These sessions are designed to concentrate on individual strengths and weaknesses, achieving them in a safe and effective manner. Training segments include a dynamic warm-up, speed, agility and quickness drills, strength and power development, metabolic conditioning, and testing.


Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions allow for personalized instruction at a reduced, more affordable rate, while also offering the accountability and competition amongst fellow athletes.  These sessions follow a similar format as the private-sessions to improve overall athleticism. Training segments are limited to 4 athletes and all athletes are required to train together. A 25% discount is given on packages of 12 or more sessions.

Group Classes

A comprehensive program can be developed to improve the overall level of performance, reduce sport specific injuries and add value to your athletic program. Group classes are designed for 5 or more athletes and are customized with sport specific movements and demands for all ages. Each program uses cutting-edge training methods to correct movement patterns, while improving muscular strength, power, speed, agility, and quickness. Whether you’re looking for preseason conditioning classes or a comprehensive season long sport performance program, Evolution Performance can develop a program to meet your needs.

SAQ Classes

Speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) training requires a high level of awareness and motivation.  SAQ development focuses on two components of speed—linear and lateral, while highlighting injury prevention, movement mechanics, core stabilization, and situational awareness. These classes are 45-minutes and incorporate sport specific drills and periodic testing to ensure proper progression.

Sport Performance Classes

Sport performance classes are 75-minutes and focus on all five athletic components—warm-up, SAQ improvement, strength and power development, metabolic conditioning and recovery. Classes are designed to teach and refine essential skills for athletes of all ages, allowing for superior performance. In addition, periodic testing will take place to ensure each athlete is progressing.

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